Wisdom Healings

Create and refine
your personal sacred space!

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again." - Joseph Campbell

In creating a space for the sacred, we are giving it a singular intention of purpose, to commune with the divine. Any defined place, that is distinguished from any other space, where rituals are involved, can become holy and sacred to you.

It provides a means to bridge an access between our human world and of divine realities.

It is your own meaningful space where you can commune with the divine. Ideally, it’s a space that is only for you. A haven where you go to fill up your spirit, to find and gather moments of awe and connect within your soul that sacredness we sometimes scatter throughout our day. It's a sanctuary that you can return to be yourself, nurture who you are and grow. Size doesn’t matter. Start simple with a candle and add to your altar trinkets that hold special meaning.

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